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Gunnning has a proud colonial past and was settled in the early 1820's. At the time it was at the "edge of settlement" with the explorers Hamilton Hume and William Hovell starting their pioneering expedition to Melbourne a few kilometres north of Gunning in 1824. An obelisk stands in memory to this epic feat just beyond the Fish River on the old Hume highway, north of the village.

Until very recently Gunning was an archetypal transport town with traffic thundering down the Hume Highway through Gunning's main street. Before the Hume Highway by passed Gunning in 1995, some 4000 trucks a day passed through the village.

Gunning and its surrounding pastoral district is at the heart of one of the fine wool growing districts of Australia. Many of the iconic Merino studs like that of the Merrimans founded their wool growing empires near here. But the past was not all pastoral success. Bushrangers prowled the rocky country side raining depredations on the farming community and the village. Murder most foul occurred in 1840 when John Kennedy Hume (brother of the explorer Hamilton Hume) was gunned down in the infamous Seige of Gunning by the bushranger Thomas Whitton. Whitton was later captured and hanged, not that this was any consolation to the widow Elizabeth Hume, left with nine fatherless children. A monument detailing this tragedy is in the Gunning General Cemetery.

And that was not the only murder to sully the early days in Gunning. In 1842 Lucretia Dunkley and her 'fancy man' Martin Beech, an assigned servant to her husband Henry Dunkley, murdered Henry with an axe. They were tried at Berrima and hanged at its jail for this heinous crime after a trail that was the subject of sensational news attention. Henry Dunkley was buried in the then Gunning police paddocks but his grave now rests in what has become the village sewerage works - an exquisite insult. The railway arrived in 1865 and Gunning station was a vital link for goods, equipment, machinery and people.

The railway is still a busy thoroughfare and the main Sydney/Melbourne passenger train stops upon request at the NSW heritage listed Gunning station twice a day. The handsome station buildings are NSW heritage listed. The nearby crane is well remembered for its part in unloading vital farming equipment in the days when the station had a comprehensive goods depot.

Now a much quieter main street has allowed cafes to spill out on to the footpath where the smell of freshly brewed coffee will entice visitors to relax over a cappuccino with a nourishing country meal or homemade cake to tickle the taste buds. Visitors can browse among the antiques and collectible shops, take in the current exhibition in the art gallery or collect a book or two from the shelves of the bookshop. Barbour Park is but a short stroll away where BBQ and picnic facilities and a children's playground are available near the tranquil shady banks of Meadow Creek. The adjacent Gunning swimming pool provides a cool option for a hot summer's day.

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